CDF materials go missing in Kapiri

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–Construction materials worth

K202,000 procured under the 2013 Constituency Development Funds (CDF) in Kapiri Mposhi District have gone missing.


The materials, which were meant for the construction of additional classrooms at Iwonde Basic School in Chief Mukubwe’s area, allegedly got stolen from a truck enroute to the site.


Kapiri Mposhi District Council Chairman, Frank Mwanza, revealed development during the Ordinary Council Meeting today.


Mr Mwanza said a local supplier, PSP Investments Limited, contracted to supply and deliver the materials, claims that the materials got stolen from his truck after it broke down enroute to the site.


However, the councillors put to task the council management led by acting Council Secretary, Eugenia Shadunka, to explain the circumstances surrounding the missing materials.


The civic leaders wondered why the supply and delivery process of the building materials was not witnessed by the Procurement Unit at the council and why the matter had not yet been reported to police for investigation.


The councillors further questioned why the head master of Iwonde Basic School went on to sign a receipt consent note indicating the materials had been delivered to the school when in fact not.


The civic leaders insisted that the supplier honours his contractual obligation by ensuring that he replaces the alleged stolen materials or refunds the money and warned the local authority to be careful in the manner it utilised public funds.


And Council Secretary, Eugenia Shadunka, said the contractor has not yet moved on site to commence with the construction of the school because of the unavailability of building materials.


The materials include pockets of cement, roofing sheets, iron bars and many more all worth K202, 210.