Girl drops out of school, marries teacher


IT WAS with shock that the Chawama Local Court heard how a woman dropped out of school in the eighth grade to get married to her teacher.
The slender and fair complexioned Esther Zulu told the court her teacher then and owner of the school told her if she got married to him, he would teach her from home.

Zulu, 23, from Old Kanyama also stunned the court when she said; she is the third woman whom her husband has married.
This was heard before Justices Moses Phiri and Mukuka Ngandwe in a case where Zulu dragged Mike Mwanza, 34, also of Old Kanyama to court for divorce.
Zulu said when the two got married in 2011; Mwanza did not tell her he had children.
“After two months of marriage, he told me he has three children and asked if one of them could come and live with us. I agreed,” she said.
She said after bringing the child and later his sister, all hell broke loose as their Landlord began accusing her of abusing her step child whenever she sent her to do some chores.
Zulu said the Landlord took it upon herself to always report to Mwanza that she (Zulu) was ill-treating the child in his absence.
She said her relationship with Mwanza became sour and he began spending hours at their Landlord’s home where there are a lot of women which made her uncomfortable.
Zulu also said there was hardly intimacy in their marriage adding that they slept on opposite sides of the bed.
In his statement, Mwanza said when he began receiving complaints from his Landlord that Zulu was ill-treating his child, he told her (Zulu) to discipline the girl according to her age.
“On May 27 this year, I got a call that my wife was fighting with the Landlord’s daughter. When I got home, I asked what had happened but my wife did not say anything. But the Landlord told me her daughter and my wife fought because Zulu was badly beating my child,” he said.
Mwanza said around 05:00hous the following day, a taxi went to pick up Zulu with all her belongings and that’s how she left their home.
Judgment was reserved.



Zambia Daily Mail


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  2. Even wen de adage goes lyk’kachema onka mukaka wa mpanga shakwe’and’uubomba mwibala,alya mwibala’and de nyanja adage of”sebenza pamene udyela”,teachers are de role models to de kids we entrust to dem,if dey then start,balloning our children,den modalities hv to be worked out so as to curtail or arrrest de situation.civil society orgs.,on girl child must go out in schs,to sensitize girls dat shud a teacher try to touch u on yo ntwenu,u must report dem to police or yo parents! Lets protect our girls frm de hostile environment.i hv a daughter and i dare nt see such happening to her! One teacher playing with my daughter,is actually getting on my nerves! I will boko aram such without reservation.our children deserves a better environmnt free frm wolfs.