Zambia’s reading culture still poor – Cheembe

Boniface Cheembe
Boniface Cheembe
Out-going Zambia USA Exchange Alumni (ZUEA) president Boniface Cheembe has observed that Zambia’s reading culture is still poor.

Mr. Cheembe says this is because there are still few people in the country who have keen interest of reading and building up their mental faculty to an extent of understanding things and valuing the book.

In an interview with Qfm news, Mr. Cheembe who is also the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) Executive Director, notes that it is this lack of keen interest in reading and building up of the mental faculty that has also seen Zambia having few book writers.

He has however observed that this is why associations such the ZUEA should play a role of building up the reading culture in the country especially among the young people.

He says as outgoing ZUEA president his appeal for the new executive of the association is to adopt more childrens’ libraries in the country besides the Lusaka’s Mtendere Childrens’ Library which his association has adopted and renovated so far.

Mr. Cheembe says it is also important that all Zambia citizens who have been to USA to study under the various programs which that country offers to Zambian citizens to join the ZUEA and share their experience to other Zambians who have never had the chance to study in the USA.

The election for the new Zambia USA Exchange Alumni executive will be held at end of June this year.


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