Veep’s security in order- Speaker

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

Parliament heard to toady that the Vice Presidents “Dr Guy Scott” security personnel did not breach any rules of the house when they entered the house following the gross disorderly conduct caused by the opposition members of parliament on the material day.

Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini says the security personal did not breach parliamentary rules as they entered parliamentary seating for the purpose of securing the safety of the Vice President.

Passing ruling on the point of order raised by Mwandi MMD area Member Of Parliament Dr Michael Kaingu on Friday 28th, February 2014, whether the vice president was in order to bring armed men in the house for his protection and that of his loved ones.

The Speaker , Dr Patrick Matibini, said the insecure situation the house was in the vice president security officers were justified to enter the house for the purpose of securing the safety of the vice president.

Dr Matibini told the house that Dr Scott holds the second highest office in the country as the republican vice president hence his office entitles him to protection at all times.

He said the security personnel of the vice president are entitled and expected to be armed all the time.

Dr Matibini said security officers were in order to enter the house for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the vice president.