Announce the maize flow price before farmers lose out – Mbewe

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——Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy Mphangwe Ward Councilor Vincent Mbewe has urged government to quickly announce the maize market flow price.


Mr. Mbewe said most farmers in the area have been left to wonder whether government is concerned about their welfare as has been no communication on when the floor price would be announced.


He told ZANIS in an interview in Katete today that it was sad to note that farmers have continued to be exploited by briefcase buyers who have taken for granted the governments silence on the matter.



He observed that June will soon be coming to an end and government has not announced anything pertaining to the flow price hence people are selling their maize at a very low price.



He noted that some farmers are selling their maize at a low price thinking that government may not buy their maize this year because of the observed delay.



However the ministry of Agriculture recently indicated that it will announce the floor price before the end of June, 2014.


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