– Katete DC Colonel Kaisa breaths fire on his HODs

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—–Katete District Commissioner Colonel Peter Kunda Kaisa has cautioned Heads of Department to stop frustrating government programs in the district.


Colonel Kaisa pointed out that he would not want to see any person lose their job on the basis of failing to attend to national day.


Colonel Kaisa said it was not his office that set dates for commemorations but government.



He reminded the heads of departments to be responsible to the government that employed them and the people they are employed to serve.


ZANIS reports from Katete District that the District Commissioner said this morning when he called for a meeting at his office to address departmental heads absence during the commemorations of the Day of an African Child.


He wondered what was so special in some offices that officers could not find time to interact with the community and find solutions for the community within which they are employed to serve.


The District Commissioner challenged the departmental heads to state which government they belonged to if they could participate in national commemorations and events happening under the Patriotic Front government.



The District Commissioner said the Patriotic Front government has always preached about discipline among civil servants adding that departmental heads are supposed to be a leading example in the district.


He pointed out the motive of increasing salaries for all civil servants were meant to motivate the civil service to perform better.



He urged everyone to cultivate a sense of responsibility and avoid trivializing events.



He pointed out that it was common for people to rush for workshops were they were sure of getting allowances than attending national events as no more was attached to them.



He said the Day of an African Child was a very special day that should be embraced and respected by all well meaning Zambians.


Colonel Kaisa pointed out that on such an event children aught to be celebrated and given all the support and motivation available.



On Monday Katete district joined the rest of the country in commemorating the Day of an African Child.



The event which was scheduled to start at 08:00 only started at 11:30 with the District Commissioner officiating in the absence of most government Heads of departments.



The District Commissioner said he sent letters to all heads of departments informing them of the national day and called for their participation during the event to which most departments did not respond favorably.