‘Let them give me my title deeds’


A 59-YEAR-OLD woman of George township pleaded with the Matero Local Court to order relatives living in her grandfather’s house to surrender the title deeds to her.
Anna Malama sued Mike Shula, 40, also of George township for his insistence of living in a house that did not belong to him.

She told the court that the house belonged to her grandfather who had married Shula’s grandmother.  Malama’s grandfather and Shula’s grandmother did not have any children though Malam’s grandmother had children from her previous marriages.
“Your honour, his grandmother had children from her previous marriages and one of them gave birth to Shula.He is refusing to leave our family house when he is not even a relative,” Malama said.
Malama told the court that her family has on many occasions tried to reason with Shula but to no avail.
“He is always insulting me and vows never to hand over the title deeds nor vacate the house. I just want him and his siblings to leave the house,”she said.
Malama told the court that Shula took the title deeds and kept them without her family’s consent the time her grandmother was sick.
But Shula told Senior Court Magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba that the title deeds were given to him by his grandfather before he died.
“He gave the title deeds to me saying his family didn’t care about him. I have kept these documents for 24 years now,” he said.
“Our grandfather is the only relative we knew, he is the one who even took us to school. Malama just came last week and ordered us to handover the papers and vacate the house. It is the first time I have seen her,” he said.
The court ordered that the house be sold and that Shula should also be given a share from the proceeds.



Zambia Daily mail