Choova bicycle race eastern provinces pride.

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Business in Katete District today came to a standstill when residents lined up the main business district along great east road to witness the 2014 District Choova bicycle race in the district.


Katete district Commissioner Colonel Peter Kaisa, who described Choova bicycle race as eastern province’s pride, flagged off the 45 kilometers race from Katete Show grounds which ran to Vula-mukoko turn off and back.

Speaking when he officiated at the event, Katete district Commissioner Colonel Peter Kaisa expressed joy at the talent shown by participants.

ZANIS sports reports that the bicycle race which took off in Katete District today saw participation from twenty five men and five women cyclists, among them a 52 years old woman and a 57 years old man, cycling a distance of 45 kilometers in less than two hours.

Col. Kaisa said sports and recreation generally are very important in the in building of discipline, physical and mental faculties of all citizens and national development.

This year’s event was held under a theme:  “Choova na ufulu: 50 years of peace, community unity, responsibility, and health and road safety with God’s favour”.

Col. Kaisa noted that bicycles in Katete District are a means of transport largely used by many people hence they should be appreciated by everyone.

He said as Zambia celebrates its Golden Jubilee government through the ministry of sports and youth has lined up a number of sporting activities that need support from stakeholders who take keen interest in the development of sports in the district.

He further called on other business houses to emulate NWK enterprises who sponsored this year’s Choova bicycle race.

He observed that for the district to develop participation from the private sector is crucial and required.

The race saw winners walk away with bicycles, mattresses, blankets and dinner sets among other prizes.

One of the winners, 57 years old cyclist Elias Nkonjela praised government and its partners NWK enterprises so providing an opportunity for the district to showcase its talent.

Nkonjela, who came out in ninth position, said it was important for government to invest in many sports discipline including cycling.



He said not all people can be talented in soccer or netball hence bicycle racing should be equally promoted.

He said to many onlookers it was surprising to see old people participate but added that out of good will for keeping fit he has won a prize.



On July 12, this year’s Eastern province is scheduled to host a provincial Choova bicycle race tournament which will see participation of cyclists from all districts in the province.