Chibolya township now calm – Hamonga

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Zambia Police public relations officer Rae Hamonga says the recent cleanup operation conducted in Chibolya compound has brought sanity in the area.



Mr Hamonga says residents and the general public as a whole are now conducting their errands peacefully.


He has disclosed that recently  a man identified as Joseph Masowe was arrested after being found with sachets of marijuana.



He said Mr Masowe,  who is currently detained at Lusaka Central Police,  will appear in court soon.


The Township is notorious for banditry and drug pushing and has been a no go area for the police for a very long time.



Recently ,  armed police embarked a cleanup operation in the Township and arrested  over 299 people who were found with several narcotic drugs such as cannabis.



Two people has since been jailed and president Micheal Sata has since commended the police officers for carrying out a successful operation.