Govt. disappointed with land owner obstructing roads works in Luangwa District

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Government has expressed concern with a local investor who has stopped China Geo the contractor working on ring the Luangwa D145 main road from making a detour through his land along the Nyankhongolo forcing the Contractor to take an another expensive route.
Mr. Mumba expressed concern and disappointment when he was informed by the Chief Engineer for China Geo Wei Jiang Zhang that the proprietor of the land where they have intended to put a detour had stopped them from going ahead unless they paid him some money.
He said this during an on the spot check of the progress of the contraction works on the D145 Luangwa main road and to inform the Contractor that the Permanent Secretary’s Office Lusaka Province has given him a go ahead to make a detour in the private land, yesterday.
The District Commissioner warned that government will not allow individuals with personal interest to hinder its developmental projects which are aimed at uplifting the standard of living of the people in the District.
Mr. Mumba said it was unfortunate that Mr. Kafuba Mboma who was given about stretch of land in Nyankhongolo along the D145 main road  by a Traditional Leader was hindering Government’s efforts of enhancing development in the area.
He urged the Road Contractor, China Geo to go ahead with the detour passing through Mr. Mboma’s land so that the project is complete on time but China Geo Chief Engineer said they have already started works on the other side of the road though it will somehow delay the project because there is no enough gravel.
But Mr. Zhang told the District Commissioner that it will be very difficult for them to get gravel on the other side of the main road where they have now put up a detour and that it will make them make a substandard job if the local investor stops them from getting gravel from the area he claims to be his.
Mr. Zhang further appealed to the District Administration to talk to Chief Mphuka and Mr. Mboma to allow them get gravel from the so called private property so that they are able to make a standard road.
He said they are only remaining with 24Km of the detour to reach the Boma and then start on the main road contraction of tarring.
Mr. Mboma was given about 6.5Km stretch of land in Nyankhongolo along the D145 main road up to the Luangwa River which some Zambia Wildlife Authority staff have said it was not done in good faith as the area was an animal corridor going to the river.
Workers protecting the same land told this reporter that Mr. Mboma wants to make a game ranch in the said area which is in a game Management area (GMA).
One ZAWA senior Officer who did not want to be mentioned said it was illegal according to the ZAWA Act to have a game ranch in a GMA as it will be difficult to differentiate state animals and the tamed ones.
Mr. Mboma is one of the Local Investors who has acquired two portion of traditional land from Chief Mphuka which he has failed to develop for a long time.
He has one land in Kavalamanja which he acquired from late Chief Mphuka in the late 1990s which he has not developed up to now and has only employed a few people protecting the land from people picking fire wood.
Efforts to get a comment from Mr. Mboma failed by press time.