Yaluma advises Nawakwi to study KCM report

Edith Z Nawakwi- lusakavoice.com 2014-05-17 at 11.00.44 AM
Edith Z Nawakwi- lusakavoice.com 2014-05-17 at 11.00.44 AM
Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma has advised Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi to study the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) report prepared after investigations conducted into the mine’s operations instead of making blank statements.

The FDD leader has accused the PF government of not carrying out thorough audits at mining companies in the country, the reason why Vedanta Chairman Anil Argawal boasted of how he has been making huge profits at KCM.

But Mr. Yaluma has accused Ms Nawakwi of not understanding the real issues that surround the operations of KCM.

Mr. Yaluma says it is not a matter of opposing what other people say, but rather a matter of understanding real issues that surround the mining sector.

Mr. Yaluma says if Ms Nawakwi has read the report, she would not have been making such inattentive statements.

He has since advised and encouraged the FDD leader to get the report and study it thoroughly so that she understands the issues surrounding the operations of KCM.

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