High livestock mortality rate worries govt

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High livestock mortality worries govt

Zimba June 9th, 2014,  ZANIS ——  Government says it is saddening to learn that a number of cattle are dying of diseases in most parts of Zimba district.

,Zimba District Commissioner Elizabeth Kalaluka  says livestock farmers in the district  should follow the guidelines on dipping, spraying and de-worming their domestic animals to preserve their value.

Ms. Kalaluka furthermore encouraged farmers  in the area to utilize the entire Ministry of agriculture and livestock staff both at camp and district level to get all information needed in order to maximise livestock development and crop production.


ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said this in a speech read on her behalf by District Administrative Officer Trevor Kayanda during the first ever district agricultural show held in Luyaba, over the weekend.


Ms Kalaluka also urged farmers in the district to practice conservation farming as well as crop diversification in order to mitigate the effects of soil degradation and climate change and also obtain maximum benefits from our agricultural activities.