Kambwili tells opposition to fund enactment of constitution.

Kambwili's Send Off dinner by Ghana's Ministry of Youth and Sports
Kambwili's Send Off dinner by Ghana's Ministry of Youth and Sports

Patriotic Front (PF) National Youth Chairman Chishimba Kambwili has challenged opposition political parties and the civil society to fund the enactment of the draft constitution.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Youth and Sports Minister said government has no money to conclude the constitution making process because it has prioritised development.

“We are not going to enact the constitution at the expense of development because we are not in a constitutional crisis. We have a workable constitution. My advice is that those who are pushing for a new constitution should find money to facilitate its passing because as government we have prioritized development first,” he said.

Addressing youths in Kapiri Mposhi District at the weekend, Mr Kambwili said opposition political parties have stopped criticizing the PF on job creation and infrastructure development because it has delivered and scored significant progress in developing the country within the two years it has been in power.

Mr Kambwili said opposition parties had now shifted focus to agitating violence and force change of government due to the impasse on enacting a new constitution.

“The opposition have now changed their goal posts to the new constitution. They have noticed that we are delivering and doing what they thought we will fail to do,” said Kambwili.

The Minister assured Zambians that the PF administration will not bow to political rhetoric from the opposition political parties to abandon its development agenda and commitment to better the lives of people.

Mr Kambwili urged youths in the country to be cautions and not allow politicians to mislead and influence them to perpetration violence and create instability in the country.