Next Don Carlos concerts to face ‘Operation Chibolya Wipeout

Don Carlos
Don Carlos
Ministry of Home Affairs has observed with concern the open Marijuana and other psychotropic substance abuse that characterized renowned Jamaican Reggae Icon Don Carlos concert at woodlands Stadium on Friday night.

The Ministry has reminded people in the country that it is a serious offence under the Narcotic, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of the laws of Zambia to smoke or deal in drugs and other psychotropic substances.

In statement to Qfm today news Home Affairs Head public relations Moses Suwali has stated that going forward, his Ministry will extend the’Operation Chibolya Wipeout’ to the remaining Don Carlos concerts slated for Livingstone and Copperbelt by deploying and infiltrating an undisclosed number of officers from Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), Police, Immigration and other security agencies.

Mr. Suwali says this operation will also be extended to other future concerts and gatherings.

He says it is for this reason that his Ministry has advised the organizers of the concert to work in close collaboration with DEC and police to ensure that perpetrators of crimes of drug abuse and other forms of crimes are brought to book.

Mr. Suwali has also sent a strong warning to reggae fans to desist from smoking Marijuana as doing so is a serious criminal offence under the Zambian laws and those found wanting will be dealt with seriously by the full weight of justice.

He says he urges all well meaning reggae fans who are going to attend the remaining Don Carlos concerts in Livingstone and Copperbelt and even other concerts and gatherings in future to refrain from smoking and committing other forms of crime and instead display the good virtues and values of Zambia as a Christian nation.

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