Pastor sues mother-in-law for insults


A 44-YEAR-OLD pastor of Light of Life Church in Ndola has dragged his younger brother’s mother-in-law to court for insulting him.

This is a matter in which Wilson Chilangwa of house number 3073 in Pamodzi township has sued Doris Mwango, 38, of Nkwazi overspill for compensation in the Chifubu Local Court on Thursday.
Chilangwa told the court that Mwango went to his house on May 8 this year around 21:00 hours and insulted him following a quarrel that her daughter had with his younger brother over custody of their baby.
He told Senior Local Court Magistrates Agnes Mulenga and Rosemary Muke that Mwango mobilised her sons who went to his house to insult him that he is a fake pastor who is only interested in using church offerings for his own benefit.
“Your honour, she mobilised some boys who came to my house and hurled all sorts of insults at me and alleged that I am a fake pastor who is only interested in misusing church offerings,” Chilangwa said.
He further said the same boys also beat up his younger brother with iron bars.
In her defence, Mwango admitted that her sons assaulted their brother-in-law but denied that she sent them to attack him. She said the boys beat up the victim after they heard that he had assaulted their sister.
Mwango told the court that she only went to rescue her daughter who had reportedly been beaten by her former husband and to pick up her five-year-old granddaughter whom the latter had grabbed from her daughter.
But the court asked Chilangwa to ask for forgiveness from Mwango for the words he might have said during the scuffle and for dragging her to court. Chilangwa complied with the court’s order.
“You (Chilangwa) kneel down before your mother-in-law and ask for forgiveness for what you said to her when you differed and for having brought her to court,” magistrate Mulenga said.
Mwango was also asked to seek for forgiveness from Chilangwa and she obliged.
The court advised the two to live in harmony as they are family stating that it is saddening to see a pastor drag his mother-in-law to court instead of resolving the matter amicably in  a Christian way.


Zambia Daily Mail


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