Zahara after-party opens can of worms

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Own Correspondent

POPULAR clubbing joint Club Forty-40 failed to hold an official Zahara after-party on Saturday night after the promoter of the show failed to pay up front for the South African artist.

Zahara was part of the Green Concert at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre the same night.

The much-trumpeted after-party lured scores of revellers to the joint in anticipation of the South African singer that had also been billed to feature South African female DJ Lady Cream.

However, Zahara, who was expected to have photoshoots and sign autographs for fans at Club Forty-40, did not turn up resulting in the fans feeling short-changed.

A lot of Zahara’s fans were gathered at Club Forty-40 till the wee hours of Sunday morning and started to leave one by one due to the no-show.

DJ Lady Cream spun the decks for less than an hour and had to make a hasty retreat from the club allegedly due to some misunderstandings with management at the club.

Club Forty-40 manager Bonisani Mafela told Southern Eye Lifestyle that they had completed all preparations needed for Zahara and Lady Cream to perform for the fans. Mafela said Zahara could not make it to the club because she had not accessed money which was deposited for her on April 28.

“This is shocking to me because l did the payment myself on April 28.

“We paid $500 and l gave the money to club entertainment manager DJ Mzoe. This money was given to DJ Ohmz via Mzoe to give Chris who was the promoter of the show for bookings, that Zahara should come for an after-party at our club’” he said.

“DJ Ohmz from Crazy Ghetto DJz who connected us to the promoter Chris, told us that Zahara and Lady Cream wanted $1 000 all in all which we later found out was a lie. These guys cheated us; we discovered they had added another $500 to benefit themselves. Zahara and Lady Cream had only requested $500.”

Management had to pay another $400 on Saturday night so that Lady Cream could play and clear up the tense atmosphere which was at the club.

“South African female DJ Lady Cream also came to Club Forty-40 and said she would not enter the club before she was paid and told us she had not received a cent from the promoter who had taken the money to deposit in their account,” he added.

“We were robbed! I don’t know who robbed who from the concert. Someone is not telling the truth and DJ Ohmz said he wanted a mark-up, and the club put a lot of money in preparing for this show which did not happen at all.

“The truth will soon be out and we have reported the matter to the police and have opened a docket.”

He added that patrons wanted to see Zahara and she was nowhere to be seen. The manager apologised on what had happened and promised to tell patrons and fans the outcome of the matter.

“We as Club Forty-40, send our deepest apologies. We were not aware such a mess had happened.

“We want our money back and the public has to know. We had arranged everything well, stocked up everything put a lot of money for this show, made accommodations for Zahara and DJ Lady Cream only to be turned down at the last minute ,” he added.