State to renovate prisons countrywide

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REHABILITATION of infrastructure in most prisons throughout the country is long overdue.
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nickson Chilangwa says that most of the prisons were built in the colonial era and are now dilapidated.

“Since most of the prison infrastructure in the country was built in the colonial era, there is need to upgrade the prisons so that they can be of relevance even now,” he said when he toured the Kaoma State Prison.
The government will ensure that most of the prisons which are not habitable are rehabilitated.
Sanitation and transport problems for prisons will also be addressed.
Government will also ensure that housing units for officers manning prisons are constructed.
Mr Chilangwa said that this is the only way officers will be motivated to perform.
He was, however, impressed that sanitation at Kaoma State Prison has tremendously improved.
“I am glad that sanitation has improved though I note that there is need for a borehole,” he said.
Mr Chilangwa encouraged inmates not to lose hope as prison is not the end but is rather a correctional facility that is meant to make them better citizens.
He said that it is up to the inmates to repent and be able to live better lives once they are out of the prison.


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