Court worker drives into a group of UPND cadres at the Magistrate court

Police IG Libongani
Police IG Libongani

UPND cadres

An incident in which a Toyota Corolla registration number ALK 7801 rammed into a group of UPND cadres who had accompanied their leader Hakainde Hichilema to court for a matter he is facing charges of publishing false news with intent to cause alarm today led to the case failing to take off for a third time.

About nine UPND members have since been injured with two critically injured and were rushed to the UTH.

Police saved the life of driver of the car who they whisked away in an anti-riot van and locked  him up in the courts cells for his safety from an angry mob of UPND cadres.

It has not yet been established why the driver of the car who is said to be one of the workers at the Magistrate court drove into the cadres at high speed suspected to have been 140km/h.

And in the ensuing confusion an identified man believed to have been serving a community service sentence at the court ended being the one the cadres vented their anger upon after he passed a comment about what had happened.

He was however whisked away by the Police who also detained him in the courts cells for his safety.

And Speaking to reporters after the matter was adjourned in view of the confusion, lead defense lawyer Sakwiba Sikota disclosed that the matter has since been adjourned to 3rd July 2014.

Mr. Sikota says the situation was not conducive to proceed with the matter.

Meanwhile UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has described the incident as most unfortunate.

Mr Hichilema says he suspects that the bashing of his party cadres was intentional.

Speaking to reporters before he left for the UTH to check on the injured cadres, Mr. Hichilema observed that such a development has also demonstrated that even at court premises there is a breakdown of the law and order.

The UPND leader has wondered where people in the country will be seeking justice now that it has become clear that even at court they are prone to being attacked and killed.

He says people in the country should start reflecting on what is happening under the Patriotic Front government



  1. As much as we can feel sorry for this cadres they should also realize that no one is above the law HH o n one keep away from courts

  2. I feel sry for the cadres who were involved in that becoz personally was there attending to the Casualties @ UTH & its good that there leader took some time to visit those who were injured.

  3. Y shud they acompany a law breaker and create unncessary congestion and commotion? Dd they commit the offence together wth hm? In as much as I feel sorry I believe the issue of cadres following their leaders ku court desturbs the peace and creates confusion! Puting an end to it would do!