Youths Association endorses Chipimo’s proposal

Zambia Youths Association in the Fight Against Corruption (ZYAFAC) says National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Junior’s proposal for the enactment of a people driven constitution is viable.

ZYAFAC Executive Director Rickson Kanema says though the proposal is not constitutional, it’s a viable route if the country is to have a people driven constitution.

Mr Kanema notes that constitution making in the country has been a problem with all successive regimes which have tended to entrench their stay in power at the expense of delivering a constitution that will stand the taste of time.

He says political parties tend to perceive things differently while in opposition and when they get into government, by focusing on perpetuating their stay in power.

Mr Kanema says this is why the proposal by NAREP is the only viable way of having a people driven constitution if only the Patriotic Front can buy the idea.

Mr Kanema has told QFM News that the NAREP proposal should therefore not be brushed aside considering the change in positions by political parties while in opposition and when in power.