The day i will choose to be a politician i will announce it myself – Saboi Imboela

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

Every time I am quiet, papers find nice things to say about me. Well, I wont even comment on today’s good news becoz i dont want to draw attention to it, especially for those that have not read it. All i can say is that Iam very busy and iam ever so sorry for my silence, iam only human and i cant talk all the time. A lot of papers already made money through my works and words, why don’t these others also make their own people to be quoting all the time, lol. I dont even sing actively anymore and yet something will only make sense if its said by me and when i dont say anything they still say it for me- awe shuwa mweee, lol. The media is the one that builds people, so the way i was built by a lot of Zambian media houses, build you own people and quote them DAILY- please dont be lazy- it takes time but u will manage… Im tired of being used to sell your image or worthiness, now i know what GBM meant by saying what he said, lol…. Anyway to respond to the recent good news of whether im standing as an MP in 2016 or not, know that iam a Political Scientist and not a politician. But by choosing such a career i already chose to be in politics, either as a technocrat or politician. Right now im working as a technocrat and academician, so when i decide to shift to become a politician i will let you know. From 2008, i have been approached by a lot of parties- both old and new and im ever so humbled that they look at me as a potential worthy member of their parties. However, the day i will choose to be a politician i will announce it myself. One thing my friends and fans can now testify on my behalf is the fact that im an open person and to those i love i speak the truth- ALWAYS- and the truth also means sharing information that is current about me. As for where i would like to stand, I have 2 homes in Lusaka, so any of those Constituencies, then my mother is from Senanga and my father from Mongu- so in Western Province i can choose any of those two. I have land there and a potential big business so its not easy for me to choose where i would stand as all these four places are my homes and dear to me. Of course one of them is closest to my heart and most likely the one i would consider first. Lastly, Im happy that they also chose to link me to one of the best parties in the country. I would have been offended if they choose any other party than the one they have chosen, as all progressive minds know that its the party that a politically schooled person like me would likely choose if i were to stand…. So the media knows how to choose well- thanx- But please let me be the one to announce. 2016 is very near and u will know soon… Thanx to all the congratulatory messages- believe u me, iv still not even read the article myself but hey- I love u all and keep the love. For now, let’s ensure that Zambia has a good and people driven Constitution that respects children’s and women’s rights, political and civil rights, etc, its more critical than who’s standing and who’s not. See u in 2016, lol…..


  1. Sister, you need to start thickening your skin because politics are indeed a filthy game at its best.
    The media will put a spin on anything you say or do.

    On one end you are fighting the resignation of Mulenga Kapwepwe, take one battle at a time and don’t make enemies of anybody.

    Good luck !!!