Saboi Imboela responds to Kafue, Mwaliteta saga

Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela

The media is really good at creating enemies for you, lol…. I refuse to be put in a fight/cold war with the Kafue MP Mwaliteta and if i were him i would not even have responded. But yet again, he must have responded with the knowledge that i had an interview first- WHICH I DIDNT. What i got from the person that claimed to have ‘interviewed’ me was that i will get an apology but instead i get a response from Mwaliteta….


I initially didnt want to embarass the Post newspaper by demanding for an apology for all the things that were attributed to me that i didnt say, as it was clear who was at fault, but looking at the way things are playing out i might be forced to go that route. But yet again, i see that the person that wrote today’s story is someone else and ‘quoting’ me on what the first person falsely attributed to me, so this to me is becoming serious and a great cause for concern.


There is time for everything and the time is NOT ripe for me to get into politics, so i wont let people force me to jump the years iv put on myself to concentrate on what im doing now…. For now, i will find time to talk to Mwaliteta and let him know that i have no beef with him, coz i DONT…… Does it mean that its only when people are fighting that the papers sell??? If so, let me state that i dont know Mwaliteta and iv never talked to him before so i cant be fighting with someone i don’t know…. This is the time i will actually know him coz now i have been put in a position where i have to find time to call him and explain my true side of the story. And some of u want me to be a politician, seriously doing what i’m doing now is better, lol.