My mother-in-law has taken over my house duties, husband prefers educated spouse

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

A WOMAN of Ndola has told the Ndola Main Local Court that her mother-in-law started preparing her husband’s food and bathing water when they moved into her house.
She said this forced her to move back to her parents’ home because the situation was not conducive for her.
Miriam Mwewa, 25, told Principal Presiding Magistrate Sara Bwalya, sitting with senior local court Magistrate Kaala Nyambe and Dismas Katambi that she wished to be divorced from her husband Dickson Zimba, 32, an employee of Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF).
Mwewa sued her husband for divorce.

She told the court that the two got married in 2003 although Zimba did not pay dowry and the two have four children together.
Mwewa said the two used to live happily until 2008 when Zimba was employed at ZITF as a metal fabricator.
She said her husband started telling her that he wanted to marry someone who was educated because she was an illiterate.
“When he got a job he started dating his workmate whom he has since married and has already paid her dowry while mine was not paid,” Mwewa said.
She said last October, the couple moved to the house of her mother-in-law and their living environment was not conducive. The couple quarrelled most of the times and her mother-in-law started cooking for her son.
Mwewa said she was forced to return to her parents and before long, Zimba moved in with his new lover.
She said she did not wish to remain married to him when he married another woman.
But Zimba refused to divorce his wife, saying he still wanted to have her as his wife.
“I don’t want the marriage to end, I want to have them both as my wives,” he said.
But Magistrate Katambi granted the divorce, saying if Zimba wanted Mwewa to remain his wife, he would have been living with her or at least visit her.
He said it was not right for Zimba to abandon his wife and move in with someone else.
Divorce was granted and the court ordered Zimba to pay Mwewa K15,000 as compensation with K1,000 as a first instalment and later K500 monthly.
“Divorce is granted, Mwewa is still young and she can marry someone else who will love her,” Magistrate Katambi said.



  1. Why is she blaming her mother in law? This case has nothing to do with the mother in law. I mean whether the mother in law cooks or warms water would not in any way end their trouble! They had trouble on their own and moved in with the inlaw, now instead of being grateful ati my mother in law has taken over my duties! Nonsense!