Facebook wrecks Kanyama couple’s marriage

Divorce Court
Divorce Court

THE Kanyama Local Court heard how Facebook has contributed to the marriage break-up of a man of Lusaka whose wife told another man on the social network that she is single.

And much to the courts dismay, Hilary Phiri 27 of John Laing told the court that his wife Susan Mulenga 21 also of John Laing eventually rang the man who is Phiri’s best friend and told him she is single.
Phiri accused his wife of calling his best friend and proposing to him.
But Mulenga said Phiri’s friend saw her on Facebook and proposed to her.
This was heard before Justices Harriet Mbewe and Mukuka Ngandwe in a case in which Mulenga sued Phiri for marriage reconciliation.
Mulenga told the court the two have been married since 2012 but this year, she noticed that a strange woman went to their home and told her (Mulenga) she needed to take her back to her parents in Kabwe on instruction from Phiri.
She said before travelling, she insisted that Phiri tells her what the problem is but he did not say anything to her.
“In Kabwe, the strange woman told her family that Mulenga and Phiri fight every day and that she needed counseling,” she said.
However, Mulenga said after being in Kabwe for two to three months, she realized Phiri was not following her to pick her up.
On April 5 this year, she decided to follow Phiri back to Lusaka who did not seem enthusiastic to see her.
Mulenga told the court she wanted her marriage to end as she is tired of Phiri’s attitude towards her.
And in his statement, Phiri told the court that last month when he knocked off from work, he found Mulenga drunk and had vomited in their house.
He said the two usually quarrel as if they are not newly-weds and that is how he decided that they both visit their families for counseling but before completing her sessions, Mulenga came back home.
Phiri also said Mulenga proposed to his best friend and told him she is single.
He questioned why she would tell a man she is single; if she had no interest in him.
But despite that, he said, he still loves Mulenga and does not want their marriage to end.
The court ruled reconciliation but Mulenga later said she wanted the marriage to end.