Lusaka council quizzed over land allocated for the post

LUSAKA District Commissioner (DC) Ashell Kampengele
LUSAKA District Commissioner (DC) Ashell Kampengele

LUSAKA District Commissioner (DC) Ashell Kampengele has asked the Lusaka City Council (LCC) planning department to explain why the Garden police post foundation is small compared to the land allocated for the post.
Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Times in Lusaka during the week, Mr Kampengele said he had received complaints from Garden residents that the foundation of the police post was small as compared to the land it was being constructed on.
“What I was told is that they have already doing the foundation now it’s like the foundation which they are doing is not big as such, it’s a small.
“Now what I did is that I have requested the Lusaka City Council planning authority to give me the plan,” he said.
“I want to see the plan because the concern from the residents is that the police post is just too small. Where is the other land going?” he asked.
Ms Kampengele said he had gone to the LCC planning department on April 23, 2014 in connection with the plan of the police post but did not find the planning director.
Garden Township has been operating without a police post for four years after irate residents demolished the old structure in retaliation. This was  after their fellow resident died in police custody.
According to Muvi TV monitored during the week, irate Garden residents chased the contractor Sadtech Construction Company from the site, wondering why the police post foundation was small and that the company allegedly did not have the right equipment for the project.
Some residents were even suggesting that the charcoal traders who were recently removed from the construction site should return to the area.
The charcoal dealers had initially resisted to be moved to the new trading area, near the sewerage pond.