Zambia Patiently Anticipates Tourism, GDP Spike

Norman Carr Safaris - Lion.jpg
Norman Carr Safaris - Lion.jpg

With nearly 800,000 yearly tourists, Zambia is ready to break out of the shadows of its neighboring countries and boost tourism numbers — and not only because it hosts one of the world’s seven wonders, Victoria Falls. Last year, CCTV Africa reported, Zambia hosted the UN World Tourism General Assembly.

Through the UN event and calls for investment, the government is hopeful that an increase in tourism will positively impact GDP and ultimately other sectors.

“The good thing with tourism is those jobs are sustainable,” Stephen Mwansa, permanent secretary at Zambia’s Ministry of Tourism told CCTV Africa.”

“The structures that are built — nobody is going to dismantle them and walk away with them. And, it’s a sector which is all-encompassing. It touches all of the other sectors and it is a very large contributor to our GDP.”

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