RTSA warns of illegal bus fares

Kulima Tower Bus Station
Kulima Tower Bus Station

The Road Transport and Safety Agency-RTSA- has warned that it is illegal for bus operators to increase bus fares without following laid down procedure.

Some TAXI operators in Livingstone have increased fares by one Kwacha following the recent hike in the pump prices of petroleum products.

But RTSA Director Zindaba Soko says his agency has not met any officials representing bus operators or commuters on proposals to increase bus fares.

He says his office has not received any proposals from any organization to increase fares.

Some TAXI drivers spoken to in Livingstone say the increase in the price of fuel has forced them to increase the fares.

BUT other drivers say the increase has not been agreed upon with relevant offices such as the council and the Road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA.

Meanwhile the Public and Private Drivers Association of Zambia has appealed to its members NOT to increase bus fares.

Association president Josiah Majuru says doing so will be illegal adding that bus fares can only be increased after consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

Last week, the Energy Regulation Board -ERB- announced an increase of the pump price of petroleum products by an average of 8 percent.

The new pump prices per liter are now 10 kwacha 63 ngwee for petrol from 9 kwacha 91 ngwee, diesel will be 10 kwacha 1 ngwee from 9 kwacha 20 ngwee while kerosene is now sold at 7 kwacha 48 ngwee from 6 kwacha 83 ngwee.



  1. Give them free fuel. RTSA, what’s their mandate? To regulate transport fares? Something must be wrong here!