Vernon Mwaanga urges consideration of holding 2016 polls jointly with referendum

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

Retired veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga says there is need to seriously consider the idea of holding the 2016 general election together with the referendum on the new constitution if government’s worry is the cost of holding the exercises separately.

Mr. Mwaanga says the idea of holding the two exercises jointly is what government and other stakeholders including the opposition, the church and civil society should be engaging in dialogue on to discuss such a possibility.

Mr. Mwaanga has told Qfm News that unless the country gets the constitution making process right, all efforts being made towards the enactment of the new constitution will come to nothing.

He says Zambians want a good constitution that will protect them from excessive abuse of authority and power so that they can continue enjoying their hard earned independence and democratic rights.

Mr Mwaanga has also reiterated the need for the country to take advantage of the willingness of cooperating partners to help fund country’s constitutional making process.