Key witness testifies in QFM Kalale defamation case


A Key witness in the defamation case involving radio QFM and former Electoral Commission of Zambia Director Dan Kalale has told the court that he personally saw Mr. Kalale whisked away in a Police Van from an angry mob of cadres at Lusaka’s Civic Center’s Nakatindi Hall a day after the 2011 general elections.

Zite Tembo 24, of plot No. 14 Kilimanjaro road, Makeni residential area in Lusaka, has told the Court that he is convinced that the man he saw being whisked away after being caught allegedly tempering with election results was indeed Mr. Kalale as he recognized his face being a public figure having been Electoral Commissioner of Zambia (ECZ) Director before.

Tembo narrated to the Court that he also remembers vividly that when he arrived at Nakatindi hall around 12:00hrs on the material day, he caught sight of two officers from Anti Rigging Zambia who were questioning an ECZ official about the discrepancies that arose from results that were coming at Nakatindi hall, which was a totally center and the figures that where indicated on an ECZ recording Computer.

He told the court it is these discrepancy that caused the tension inside the hall.

Tembo who is Presenter and Producer at radio QFM has further told the Court that it was at this time that he was contacted by the Radio station to give an update of what was transpiring at Nakatindi Hall, but could not do so not until he got out of the hall as it became noisy due to the commotion.

He narrated that while making attempts to re-contact the radio Station, he also heard people shouting in Bemba and wondering why Mr. Kalale was at Nakatindi Hall when he was no longer an employee of the ECZ.

Tembo has told the Court that it was at this moment while attempting to establish contact with the radio station that he suddenly saw Police officers shielding off a man who was being beaten by PF cadres who were also shouting Mr. Kalale’s name.

He says it was not until the shield by the Police reached the exit of the Hall that he saw the man that was being protected whom he identified as Mr. Kalale as he was at this time able to see his face.

He has told the court that he there after saw Mr. Kalale being put into a Police van which sped off, after which he called the radio station at around 13:15hrs to report what had happened at Nakatindi hall.

Tembo was being led in Examination in chief by the defence counsel Mambo Mutale.

And in Cross examination by prosecution lawyer Yosa Yosa, Tembo maintained his position of what he saw and reported on the material day.