Mwansabombwe DC calls for tourism investment

Stanley Safari Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge

MWANSABOMBWE District Commissioner Victor Kasuba has called for investment in the hospitality industry to promote tourism in the area.
Mr Kasuba said in an interview that there was need for both local and foreign investors to invest in the hospitality industry as it had the potential to grow the economy.
He said the newly established district had a number of tourism sites which investors could take advantage of and and create jobs for local people.
Mr Kasuba said tourism played a significant role and contributed greatly to the country’s economic development, hence the need for both foreign and local investors to invest in the hospitality industry.
“We are appealing to investors in the country be it local or foreign to consider investing in the hospitality industry in Mwansabombwe district because it has the potential to grow the economy,” Mr Kasuba said.
Mr Kasuba said lodges and hotel development, conference centres and shopping malls among many other areas are some of the opportunities investors can take advantage of and invest in the district.
“So these are some of the good opportunities in which potential investors can take advantage and create wealth for the country.”
Zambia is endowed with a vast variety of wildlife species, national parks, game management areas, spectacular sites such as Victoria Falls and the rich cultural heritage – traditional ceremonies.
Mr Kasuba said once lodges and hotels were built in the district, they would help attract tourists to visit tourism sites located in the district.


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