Meaningless for Zambia to praise economic growth if it is not affecting local people -World Bank

These women in a local Zambian village do all the daily work that needs to be done, yet they remain second-class citizens in many ways

The World Bank said it will be meaningless for Zambia and other countries in Africa to praise their economic growth if the growth is not affecting local people.

Development should be taken to rural areas where people are facing challenges, Francisco Ferreira, World Bank’s Chief Economist in Africa said at the launch of the Africa Pulse report.

He said Zambia and other African nations should ensure more investment in rural infrastructures such as roads in order to open up small-holder farmers to markets.

Meanwhile, the official has said Zambia’s economy is likely to be affected if the demand for copper remains weak.

According to the Pulse report, the sub-Saharan African region’s economic growth is expected to reach 5.2 percent this year, an increase from last year’s 4.7 percent expansion.

 Shanghai Daily