Kaputa District declared disaster free

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The Kaputa District Disaster Management Committee (KDDMC) says the flood which has affected parts of the district has little impact on crop fields.

The committee’s Secretary, Fenston Katai says his team recently undertook a verification exercise in two wards where it learnt that although most fields were flooded it did not affect crops especially maize.

Mr. Katai said that the maize survived and only a small portion of cassava, and groundnut fields were affected but people can still harvesting.

He said it was said it would therefore be unnecessary to declare a disaster in the area.

The KDDMC’s Secretary said this during a meeting held at the District Administrator’s office Alick Kampamba in Kaputa District, today.


And District Administrative Officer, Kampamba has commended the team for successfully conducting a verification exercise.

Mr. Kampamba said the information was important because the nation would have been alarmed by unconfirmed reports coming from the people over the floods.


The Disaster Committee in Kaputa last week undertook a verification visit in Mukupa Katandula and Nkota wards of Kaputa to verify reports of floods which people said had washed away their crop field.

The people in the two areas where asking government to help them with relief food to mitigate the impact of the disaster as a result of floods.