50 retirees and retrenched workers trained in entrepreneurship in Kasama District

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50 retirees and retrenched workers trained in entrepreneurship in Kasama District

Kasama, March 31st, 2014, ZANIS —- Over 50 retirees’ and retrenches’ in Kasama have been trained in entrepreneurship skills.

The two days training exercise was held at the Provincial Administration by the Future Search Programme.

Speaking after the meeting in Kasama, today, most participants paid glowing gratitude to government for the training.

Mr.  Aaron Katota, a retiree said most civil servants and other workers in formal employment have been retiring without knowledge on how to manage their retirement benefits well.

‘The mismanagement of the pension has led to misery among the former workers and had in many cases led to depression and premature deaths,” he said.

He advised fellow retirees to put the information acquired during training to good use to avoid the recurrent of financial problems after retirement.

And Workshop organizer and Future Search Regional Organizer for Northern Province Mawila Fututu said the meeting was intended to educate retirees’ and retrenches’ on how to prudently manage their pension.

”The retirement package of most of our people had been mismanaged by the beneficiaries themselves because of lack of entrepreneurial skills…So this is what we are trying to change to impact knowledge in our former workers so that life after retirement becomes bearable, ” Fututu said.

The Future Search Programme is anchored under the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) and was aimed at equipping retirees’ with financial management and survival skills after retirement.

And Northern Province Assistant Administrative Secretary Royd Tembo has encouraged the retirees’ to be resilient and hopeful as they face life after retirement.

‘Some of you might have retired but you are definitely not tired, your future is still bright. After this meeting, it is our hope that you will have the confidence to manage your resources effectively and
efficiently,”   Mr.  Tembo said.

He said during the same meeting that transformation was possible with the availability of knowledge.

‘You must use the knowledge from here to start businesses and even create jobs for others…there is no need for destitution,” he said.