FAZ axes 16 football clubs

FAZ AGM 2014.
FAZ AGM 2014.

The Zambian Football Association have de-registered no fewer than 16 teams in a bid to refocus attentions on domestic development.


Zambia’s football governing body have long struggled with a vast number of abandoned or unplayed matches, having seen such incidents rise from 427 times in 2012 to 594 last year.


FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya has now confirmed the association has moved to expel the clubs responsible for the majority of the cancellations.


“We return to this meeting with a huge challenge of unplayed games. I am saddened that in 2012 we had a total of 427 unplayed games across the league. Despite our warning, last year the number rose to 594. This is a huge embarrassment and again, denying our players chance to play and instead risk the development of the game and the league,” the FAZ chief told Times of Zambia.


“We are here to sustain development and not kill the sport. We have delisted some teams which completely failed to fulfill their fixtures and have ceased to be members of the Football Association of Zambia.”


The delisted clubs are: Airjets, Bangweulu, BHL Services, Chinsali United, Chinsali Young Stars, Junior Panza Chiefs, Mufumbwe Medics, Mupepetwe, New Rising Stars, Pamodzi, Power Girls, Shakumbila, Swallows, Young Ngoni Fighters, Young Swallows and ZNS Mumbezi Football Clubs.