PF inherited poor roads and education system – Ngoma

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—–Education Deputy Minister, Patrick Ngoma, says the PF government inherited the poor road network, deplorable infrastructure and the failing health and education systems from the former regime.

Mr Ngoma, who is responsible for Primary Early Education and Literacy, said it is for this reason that the PF government has introduced the new curriculum which provides for two career pathways for the learner.

He said the government has also set aside funds to rehabilitate the deplorable infrastructure at all old schools to create a conducive learning atmosphere for both the learner and the teacher.

The Deputy Minister was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Nchelenge District Commissioner (DC), Royd Chakaba, in Luapula province yesterday.

Mr Ngoma is in the province and scheduled to monitor infrastructural related developments under the ministry of education in Mansa district today before officiating at a Plan International Project tomorrow in the same area.

He disclosed that the government, through his ministry, has put in place a ‘Pole and Mud’ fund to replace the poles and mud infrastructure in some rural schools with permanent structures.

Mr Ngoma stated that a fact-finding mission revealed that some places, such as Western Province, had schools made of poles and mud, and that when it rains the mud melted and eventually the building collapsed.

He said the beneficiary schools in Western Province have since started accessing the money to better the learner environment and provide teachers with some decent accommodation.

He also implored the Provincial Education Officers (PEO) and the District Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) in the country to expend the monies they receive quickly to avoid misuse.

Mr Ngoma said the government has in this year’s budget also allocated thousands of Kwacha for the construction of Rural Health Centres (RHC) across the country.

He noted that this move will mitigate the current deficit of the health facilities and enhance the provision and delivery of the quality health care services closer to the people.

He observed that the reported budget overrun will be the thing of the past once the road network, the infrastructure in schools and health facilities have been worked on and improved.

Mr Ngoma, who is Feira PF Member of Parliament (MP), said the PF is a working government that must be supported by everyone.

He urged the public service workers to closely work with the government in the process of development because they work with the people and must explain government policies.

The Deputy Minister gave an example that if ZANIS is not reporting about the ongoing developmental programmes that the government is doing, it would appear as though the government is not working and that the end result will be apprehension among the people.

He further said the politicians must also support the President and his administration in his quest to develop the country.

“When the civil servants work closely with the government and the politicians support the President, we can move this country forward quietly,” he said.

He also urged the MPs and the councillors to explain the availability and accessibility of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to ensure a people-driven development.

“Development will remain a nightmare in rural parts of the country if the MPs and councillors do not explain government programmes and the availability of the money,” he stated.