PPCA saddened at the lax attitude of police officers in Solwezi District

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— The Police Public Complaints Authority (PPCA) says it is saddened by the conduct of police officers in the country for their failure to provide the necessary documentations to adduce evidence during its public hearings in Northwestern province.


PPCA Chairperson  James Mwanakatwe  was disappointed  that dockets and warn and caution statements for complainants were not recorded by police officers  at some police stations in Solwezi district.


He regretted that incidences of such nature were not recorded at Solwezi police station by the officers.


This arose during a case involving a senior Solwezi resident John Chaulembi of Kimakolwe area in chief Kapijimpanga’s who complained against a named police officer based at Solwezi central police station over unlawful detention area the necessary .



The case came for public hearing this morning held at the Solwezi Council chamber where the Chair (Mr. Mwanakatwe) fumed at the conduct of police officers.


The sitting heard that Mr. Chaulembi, his wife and son Paul were brutally harassed at mid-night at their home village by the  named  Solwezi police officers who  later detained  them for four days without a valid reason.


Mr. Chaulembi also complained that the cops did not have a beach/search warrant to arrest the suspects from their home.


He said the institution of police would not be brought into disrepute by some police officers and challenged the officers to work in a professional manner.


He said public confidence is essential and it is the duty of police officers to be professional at all times in their execution of duty.


During the hearing, the complainant produced all the necessary documents among them a medical report.


The Officer said to provide a satisfactory answer to the Chair as to why the docket against Mr. Chaulembi was not entered at the Solwezi central Police station.



He said this was why the warrant was not availed to the complainant before executing an arrest prompting him to issue a timely warning. 


But the named police officer accused Mr. Chaulembi of being violent and not complying with police officers hence their action.


The Officer said Mr. Chaulembi is a danger to society and insisted that the due process of the law should be followed.


Barely two day ago, the Chair castigated the police officers for their failure not to update the Authority the latest development concerning and respondents before it.


The PPCA is in North-western province to conduct a series of public hearings and get submissions from police officers and members of the public.