Mobile hospital services in Chikantanta overwhelmed

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Mobile hospital services in Chikantanta overwhelmed

CHIKANKATA,MARCH 26TH 2014,ZANIS — Southern Province Mobile Hospital Coordinator  Ntele Muzaza says there has been overwhelming response by the people of Chikankata District in accessing health care services.

Dr . Muzaza says the mobile health services were operating in remote parts of each District for one week before moving on, and this is aimed at ensuring that as many citizens as possible are given a chance to access the best medical services at no cost.

“The government aims to make sure that Zambians who have been failing to access quality health care are reached out through the mobile hospitals,” he said.

He was speaking in an interview with ZANIS today in Nameembo Area of Chikankata District where  the Mobile Health Services are stationed in the District.

Mr. Muzaza revealed that patients from Nameembo and surrounding areas have been coming for treatment in huge numbers as such they work up to twenty hours in the night in order to attend to everyone.

The mobile hospital carries out any emergency operations and patients are put on observation while those needing admission are taken to the nearby clinics.

Other services being offered by mobile hospitals are equivalent to those offered by any second –level hospital, including diagnostics, ultra-sound facilities, X-ray, laboratory services and drug dispensary.

The  unit comprises Cervical Cancer Screening, Male Circumcision, Voluntary Counseling and Testing, Pharmacy, OPD and other departments found at the hospital.

Acting Senior Nursing Officer for mobile service in Southern Province Patricia Kopa  who confirmed this in an interview said the unit is a very good initiative.

“ This is  because it is very hard for people in remote areas to access health services due to lack of money and long distances to health facilities, “ she said.

And one of the beneficiaries talked said he was very happy to receive the hospital in the community.

Mr. Cainos Mwiinga, a farmer from Nameembo,  said it has been very hard to have access to health care because the area lacks enough specialized personnel forcing the sick and the aged to walk long distances to the nearest health centers for medical attention.

Chikankata District Commissioner, Sylvester Simayaba also praised the Ministry of Health for bringing the mobile Hospital to the District.

He urged the Ministry to continue taking the services to other Districts in the country so that they too may benefit positively from the initiative.