Criminals from Central and Copperbelt provinces find Samfya a theft heaven

Police gun robber
Police gun robber

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Malcolm Mutale Mulenga says he is deeply concerned with what is happening in Samfya where activities of theft have become rampant.
Samfya District has in the recent past recorded an up swing in criminal activities ranging from robberies, killings and theft of huge sums of money from businessmen.
Meanwhile, Mr. Mulenga say there is a need to quickly put to an end the vices.
Mr. Mulenga said some of these criminals are relocating from Central and Copperbelt provinces who are coming to Luapula province especially in Samfya district were they are finding fertile place for criminal activities.
This has prompted Luapula province police commissioner Malcom Mutale Mulenga to carry out sensitization programs in the area following the increase in criminal activities taking place in Samfya district.
Mr. Mulenga has therefore advised business houses in Samfya district to ensure that they keep money in certified banks where it can be safe.
Recently a guard was killed at a guest house and property worth over K52, 000 was stolen while another businessman was robbed K72, 000 cash.
And in another development Mr. Mulenga urged police in Samfya district to work extra hard if they are to win the confidence of the people they are serving.

Chief Kasoma Bangweulu, Moses Kabila has expressed displeasure on the communities’ harbouring illegal migrants in his chiefdom.
The chief has noted that very few guesthouse proprietors have proper registers of customers checking into their guest houses.
The chief has urged the proprietors to consider having proper registers which will reveal all the details on people intending to lodge into their gguest rooms
Chief Kasoma Bangweulu told k-fm news yesterday that some people in his chiefdom were in the tendency of harboring illegal migrants without following procedures.
The chief said he is concerned with the robberies taking place in Samfya and he is tirelessly working to ensure that people in his chiefdom are protected from these vices in order to restore sanity in the area.
The chief has since appealed to the businessmen of Samfya to ensure that they work closely with the police to ensure that their business operations run smoothly.
Police in Luapula have embarked on sensitization programmes with communities in Samfya district on the importance of them working with the Police in ending the crimes that have rocked the district.