Man from Chisamba stabbed to death over a compact disc (CD)


POLICE in Chisamba have arrested a 15-year-old boy for allegedly stabbing to death a 26-year-old man over a compact disc (CD).
Central Province Police chief Standwell Lungu said the incident occurred at Sable Farms after the juvenile suspect approached the deceased over a CD he had borrowed, but they quarreled and a fight later erupted.
Mr Lungu said in Kabwe yesterday that the incident happened around 16:30 hours and identified the deceased as Kelvin Mwansa.
He said Mr Mwansa was stabbed in the neck using a kitchen knife and died upon arrival at Liteta Hospital.
“I can confirm that we have picked up a boy who allegedly stabbed to death a 26-year -old man over a CD he had borrowed. The boy will appear in court soon,” Mr Lungu said.
The juvenile suspect had since been remanded in custody.
Mr Lungu advised the public to exercise restraint and learn to dialogue instead of taking the law in their own hands.
Meanwhile, two people sustained injuries after the driver of a 75-seater Scania bus attempted to overtake another vehicle and in the process hit into a truck in Landless Corner area.
Mr Lungu said the accident happened around 06:00 yesterday.
He said among the injured was a female passenger and a male conductor.
Mr Lungu said police were holding the driver of the bus to assist with investigations.