Lusaka records 285 dog bite cases

Petvet Veterinary Services
Petvet Veterinary Services

The Lusaka City Council says at least 285 people were bitten by dogs in residential areas between January and February 2014.
The City Council has meanwhile recorded progress in dog registration exercise.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka , Lusaka City Council acting public relations officer Mulunda Habeenzu said that the program was making head way.

The Council is carrying out a campaign of killing dogs that are not vaccinated, registered or confined within their owner’s premises.

Mr Habeenzu said the council was killing all dogs found roaming in the streets as there was no way of telling which ones have been vaccinated or not hence its appeal that dogs be tied or locked up.

Mr. Habeenzu said the rise in the number of cases of people being bitten by dogs has prompted the council to carry out the exercise so as to safe guard the lives of the Zambians.

A survey conducted by the council showed that from January1 to February 19, 2014 showed that 19 people were bitten by dogs in Chelstone, 41 in Kanyama and another 19 in Matero township.

Others were in George compound where 37 people were bitten during the period under review, while in Chipata compound 36 cases were recorded and 33 people were bitten in Chawama township.

The Lusaka City Council recently introduced mobile dog registration exercise in a bid to encourage the public to have their dogs vaccinated, registered and confined so that they are not killed in accordance with the Control of Dogs Act, Cap 247 of the Laws of Zambia.