Chikanta District procures earth moving equipment for road construction in the area

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Chikanta District procures earth moving equipment for road construction in the area

CHIKANKATA,27th FEBRUARY, 2014,ZANIS —- Chikankata District Council Secretary Damson Mukwato says earth moving equipment have been purchased to build and renovate the roads in the District.


Mr. Mukwato says that the equipment purchased include a Back-Hole Loader, a Motor Grader, a Volvo Tipper Truck and a Smooth Roller Compactor (single drum) which  were Purchased using the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for 2012 at a total cost of K1.5 Million.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chikankata today, Mr. Mukwato the purchase was in response to  Chikankata Resident’s  cry to build and renovate roads in the District.


He revealed that he is aware of the complaints of the local people concerning the deplorable state of roads in the District.


He said the Equipment will begin working on the roads as soon as it is commissioned by the Government.


Mr. Mukwato explained that Chikankata District Council will begin working on the roads in the District especially the Hapiku –Malabo road which leads to the Farmers’ Training Centre (FTC) after the rainy season.


“I have observed that Hapiku-Malabo Road is in a really terrible state and gets worse every time it rains. Most farmers are cut off from the rest of the people because the road is impassable,” he said.


He confirmed that the Government through the Ministry of Local government has also included the Chikankata Road in the Link Zambia 8000 road project.


He said the Road Development Agency (RDA) will commence work by August this year.


He assured the people of Chikankata District that very soon most of the roads will be worked on and all of their cries will be but a thing of the past.


Mr. Mukwato thanked the Government for undertaking various infrastructure projects particularly in the road sector, connecting areas which were previously barely accessible to the rest of Zambia.