Notorious Zambian pastor, declared a Prohibited Immigrant and deported immediately after receiving his 9 strokes.

Pastor Mathews Kamboyi, who was a member of Breakthrough Ministries before joining Faith Mission
Pastor Mathews Kamboyi, who was a member of Breakthrough Ministries before joining Faith Mission

A- 25- year- old Pastor from Zambia was on Monday sentenced to nine strokes of the cane by the Kasane Magistrate Court for indecent assault.

Pastor Mathews Kamboyi, who was a member of Breakthrough Ministries before joining Faith Mission has been the talk of the tourist town after he was arrested for fondling two of his maids and his wife’s niece.

Details of the case are that two of the three victims responded to an advert seeking a maid which was placed at the Francistown Shoprite supermarket.

One of the victims, Gobopaone Patrick told the court that she had contacted the accused’s wife Rosinah Motsu who introduced her to Kamboyi as her husband.

Patrick said that one evening the pastor told her in the presence of his wife that they needed to hold prayer sessions every evening in their house.

On November 11th 2013, Kamboyi announced that he wanted to pray for patrick and she obliged.

The prayer session began and the accused person’s wife supported patrick from behind while the accused was in front, according to court information.

The court further heard that during the prayer Patrick felt dizzy as the pastor touched her tummy and shouted ‘Fire’.

Kamboyi who is known as Pastor Mathews subsequently placed his hand on her womanhood beneath her underwear and shouted, ‘In the name of Jesus’.

The woman said she only managed to stop him after a long tussle.

“You instructed your wife to bring a scarf from another room after which you then fondled Patrick’s breast and only stopped when your wife returned and the prayer session continued,” read Magistrate Gofaone Morweng.

The following morning Patrick asked Mrs Motsu if fondling breasts and her womanhood were part of their prayer sessions.

Motsu is said to have wept and told her maid that she thought the accused had reformed since she was not the first victim.

They both went to the clinic where they were referred to social workers and subsequently reported the matter to police.

Testifying before court, an investigating officer said that while investigating the case, he learnt from neighbours that Patrick was not the first victim of the prayer sessions.

The officer said investigations revealed that Onalethata Rammoko and Odirileng Gabotualo were both victims of a similar crime in September 2012 and July 2013 respectively.

Gabotualo had also responded to an advert for a maid.

The court learnt that in July 2013 while the accused’s wife was away busy with preparations for their wedding in Nswaswi, the accused told Gabotualo that he was going to punish her for coming home late.

She learnt that the punishment was going to be a snooker game on his laptop but she refused because she was not familiar with it.

The investigating officer said “You grabbed and placed her on your lap, started to fondle her breasts and when you tried to touch her womanhood she told you that she was on her menstrual period but you proceeded to touch her pubic area.”

Gabotualo is said to have managed to break free and locked herself in a bedroom.

The pastor apologised but the maid then told the wife who reported the case to the police.

It was also found out that on the evening of September 2012, while left with Rammoko (wife’s niece), pastor Mathews approached and asked her for assistance in combing off his dandruff.

Even though she declined, the accused is said to have followed her to the bedroom with a comb and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Sensing that she was not comfortable, he took out his phone and showed her a photo asking whether she thought he was handsome.

When she attempted to leave the room, the accused pulled her onto his lap and then pushed her down onto the floor and lay on top of her.

He proceeded to fondle her breasts while trying to remove the towel which was wrapped around her body, at the same time seeking to kiss her.

Rammoko managed to free herself and called her aunt (Motsu) who advised her to call the police.

In his defence, Pastor Mathews stated that he prayed for Patrick because she had asked for it.

“She asked me to pray for her because her boyfriend had cast a spell on her to have nonstop menstrual periods,” he said in his defence.

Magistrate Morweng said before handing the sentence he took into consideration; the interest of the society, age, remorsefulness, first offender and bread winner.

He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment in all the counts but wholly suspended for three months.

Each count also held three strokes which were to be administered.

The notorious pastor was declared a Prohibited Immigrant and deported to Zambia immediately after receiving his 9 strokes.



  1. Some churchs must be checked,,, too much this and that,,, they evrn changed the talto, at pentagon assembly fire for fire, moto moto,*

  2. Lesa ni malyotola,alalyotola,walyotoka mune! Dnt play around with de word of God! God does nt allow his name to be used as conduit to indecently assault people.its a warning,to other pastors who are doing de same.

  3. Guys, we must not be desperate for the truth, otherwise we perish! We need to test the truth, there are many so called men of God who are hungry and evil minded! ! Its not everyone who says am a man that is truly of God, no! ! Let us watch and pray for our faith, for if we don’t, we are doomed! ! Ladies please, if u want to be prayed to have a marriage, God is always there for everyone, it doesn’t matter what time and or hw many times, He is ever there! !

  4. This is sad if it’s true but my question is the victim is Patrick! Hmmm that’s a man’a name and since when did women start using that name? Secondly, why didn’t the police do something the first time this so called pastor was reported and this wife is still with him? It doesn’t make much sense, but if it’s true them the so called ps must repent and stop

  5. Foolish pastor, am sure pa Zed he will have more breasts to fondle, prayer sessions are so popular with our women!

  6. Foolish pastor, am sure pa Zed he will have more breasts to fondle, prayer sessions are so popular with our women!

  7. These Lusaka whatever is so poor in covering I wonder why I keep the site. Unfinished story.