Mpezeni bans political attire at Nc’wala

Chief Mpezeni IV

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province has banned political attire at the Nc’wala traditional ceremony taking place today at Mtenguleni main arena in Chipata District.
The traditional leader said in Chipata on Thursday that he would be glad if all the guests respected the ceremony by putting on either Ngoni regalia or other clothes apart from political attire.
“I don’t want political attire at the traditional ceremony. I want the ceremony to be respected,” he said.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni was presented with the first crop harvest for this year by Chief Madzimawe, who is also known as “Gogo”, the grandfather of all the Ngoni chiefs.
President Michael Sata is expected to grace the ceremony.
Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s induna, George Zulu confirmed this in Chipata yesterday.
Mr Zulu, who is also Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, said Paramount Chief Mpezeni had invited Ngonis from South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi and chiefs from different parts of Zambia.
He said the Ngoni Royal Establishment was hopeful that this year’s Nç’wala traditional ceremony would strengthen unity among the people of Eastern Province.