Siluwe clinic runs out of drugs

Drug Theft Ring
Drug Theft Ring

Siluwe Rural Health Centre in Liuwa Constituency of Kalabo district has allegedly been invaded by nationals from a named neighbouring country causing a critical shortage of drugs at the institution.

Health Advisory Committee (HAC) Chairpersonmm Reuben Kashwekam told ZANIS in Kalabo that patients in the area were not able to access proper medical attention as a result of non availability of drugs.

Mr Kashweka noted that local people were also subjected to inhuman living condition at the health centre because of the unnecessary congestion that had been caused by foreigners that were illegally entering the country to access medical attention.

“The health centre has been invaded by foreigners and has no drugs – not even panado. There is no clean drinking water, no power, no communication facilities and no transport to refer critically ill patients to other health centres,” Mr Kashweka said.

He further disclosed that the clinic has six beds without mattresses forcing patients to lie on the floor.

And the clinic only has one medical personnel to cater for a population of over 3000.

The only member of staff is prompted to also perform duties such as cleaning, provision of security services and other duties as may be required at the health institution.

Mr Kashweka appealed to relevant authorities to quickly move in to correct the situation and avert an outbreak of diseases considering the rain season.