Angola woman sentenced for illegal possession of govt trophy

Common Duiker
Common Duiker

The Kalabo Magistrates’ Court has sentenced a 62-year-old Angola woman to four months imprisonment for illegally being in possession of a government trophy.

Appearing before Magistrate Emmanuel Mukoma was Florida Kambembwa Kalungwe of Bie Province who pleaded guilty to the charge.

Facts were that on the 8th of February this year, Mrs Kalungwe was arrested by the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers who found a government trophy concealed in her bags as she was trying to connect to Mongu at the harbour in Kalabo.

The Angolan national was found in possession of 500 grams meat of a common duiker.

In passing judgement Magistrate Mukoma considered that the woman was a first offender and sentenced her to four months suspended jail sentence.

ZAWA officers were happy with the outcome adding that the conviction of an Angolan national over the illegal possession of government trophy was a deterrent to would be offenders.