Govt advised to halt construction of VIP toilets in schools

VIP toilet
VIP toilet

KITWE District Commissioner Elias Kamanga has appealed to government to stop the construction of(VIP) in primary schools as it is impacting negatively on enrollment levels of children in schools.


Mr. Kamanga explains that schools that have VIP toilets were at risk of becoming white elephants due to low enrollment levels of pupils in such schools.

“You will find that children who come from homes where there are flashable toilets they have difficulties using the VIP latrines.


“ We are therefore calling on government to abolish the construction of VIP toilets in the district because the situation is contributing to low enrollment levels in these schools,” he said.  


ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said  in an interview in Ndola today that during the last quarter of 2013 seven (7) VIP toilets were constructed at a cost of about K200 000 under the Ministry of Education.


He explained that children who come from homes where there are flashable toilets find it difficult to use VIP latrines as it is strange to them and hence they opt to withdraw from going to school with VIP latrines.


Mr. Kamanga further said it is government’s policy that it provide education for all but pointed out that if children shun schools where there are VIP latrines it will be difficult to achieve the intended purpose of providing education for all in the country.


He noted that the Millennium Development Goal on Education for all in Zambia will not be achieved as children will not be attaining some level of education.

The schools where VIP latrines were constructed in the last quarter of 2013 in Kitwe district include Riverside, Kanfinsa, Twafwene, Kamakwendo and Johnken primary schools respectively.