Car theft case starts in Chinsali

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Car theft case starts in Chinsali

Chinsali, february19, 2014, ZANIS….A CASE involving a Chingola
resident who allegedly stole a vehicle has today kicked off in the
Chinsali magistrate court for trail.

This is a matter in which Kely  Chiluba 29 of Lulamba street stage
three in Chingola is charged with one count of aggravated robbery
contrary to section 294 (1) of laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on 13 February 2014 Chiluba did
steal a vehicle registration number ACT 9842 from Brighton Ngoshe, 21,
a taxi driver of Kapili village in Chinsali district of Muchinga

It alleged that on the material day, Chiluba booked Ngoshe from Kaiche
Nite club to Chikanda village in the early hours of Thursday around
01 :00 hours.

Ngoshe told the court that Chiluba pretended to be delivering
vegetables at his house and later came back to the car so that they
could go back to the night  club.

He  said upon entering the vehicle, Chiluba entered the back sit of
the car and removed a machete  and tried to hit Ngoshe but later hit
the window of the car which broke immediately.

The accused Ngoshe upon seeing this run out of the car through the passengers sit
and Chiluba started pursuing him for about a kilometer with a
machete .

Ngoshe said later on Chiluba went back to the car and drove off
towards the Chinsali junction to refuel and headed for Mpika were the
car was recovered at Mpika weighing bridge on Friday around 13hours.

It is alleged that Chiluba removed the number plate of the vehicle and
all the other stickers to make it look like an IT Vehicle.