Critical staff shortage hits Shineng’ene Rural Health Centre

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Shineng’ene Rural Health Centre in Senior Chief Musele’s area in Solwezi district is facing a critical shortage of staff with only one nurse servicing more than 700 people.

The health centre, which has only one trained nurse, also lacks clean running water, electricity and incinerator.

This came to light over the weekend when lands Deputy Minister, Danny Chingimbu, visited the area.

Sandra Lufunda told Mr Chingimbu that the shortage of manpower is compromising the delivery of health service to the people.

Ms Lufunda said the lack of electricity at the area is also a serious challenge as the nurse uses a torch and candles to light the maternity ward during deliveries.

She said due to lack of electricity at the centre, she is unable to stock vaccines meant to protect children under the age of five from various diseases and this is disadvantaging them and putting them at high risk of contracting preventable diseases.

Ms Lufunda also said the clinic has no incinerator to dispose of medical waste forcing her to keep the waste in one of the unused rooms.

And some residents found at the clinic appealed to government to urgently send more staff to the health centre as the one who is there is overburdened.

And Mr Chingimbu said the situation needs urgent attention and pledged to take up the matter with the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.