Call early elections President Sata urged

Bowman Lusambo
Bowman Lusambo
MMD Diehard Youth Wing National Coordinator Bowman Lusambo says President Michael Sata’s statement that most of his PF Members of Parliament are useless is a final confirmation that the PF will never bring development to Zambia.

Mr Lusambo says this confirms the MMD’s firm belief that the PF does not have men and women with the capacity to bring about meaningful social and economic development to the country.

He has since called on President Sata to call for an early election which will usher in a new set of leaders who will be useful to Zambia.

Mr Lusambo adds that the current crop of useless MPs is the ones stressing President Sata.

He notes that Parliament plays a key role in a democratic dispensation and it is a disservice to the nation to have a house with useless members of the ruling party.

He adds that MMD youths are also concerned that having useless MPs from the ruling party is a great cost to the nation.