Illegal fuel vending worries minister

petrol explosion
petrol explosion

Southern Province Minister, Daniel Mukombwe, has bemoaned the illegal cases of fuel vending in the province and has called on the newly appointed Provincial Commissioner of Police, Mary Chikwanda, to seriously address the situation.

Mr Mukombwe said there was need to put an end to illegal fuel business which has gone on for a long time with people siphoning fuel from trucks along the roads without fear of the law.

He was speaking in Choma today when the new Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Mary Chikwanda, paid a courtesy call on him at his office.

“Illegal fuel vending should be addressed .Be free to recommend the proper fuel operational strategies because fuel is now being sold in homes, an act which is highly unacceptable”, he said

The minister also urged the police Chief to tour various police stations in the province and address the notable weaknesses among police officers in enforcing the law.

“Some people have stopped being policemen because they have overstayed in their stations and have created homes neglecting their duties, therefore the need to move them to other locations should be considered,” he said.

Mr Mukombwe, who welcomed and pledged support to the new Police Commissioner, advised the police chief to work closely with the people among whom the majority were from the opposition.

“The Province is an area of opposition but I would urge you to work closely with them bound with the natural rule of fairness and democracy,” he said.

Meanwhile Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Mary Chikwanda, said she was eager to embrace everyone as she is determined to combat crime in the province.

Ms Chikwanda said her office had noted various cases of aggravated robbery, thefts and assault which she would not relent in ensuring that they are addressed.

She said that it was unfortunate that some of the assault cases reported involved the police who were custodians of the law.

“I have received reports of assault cases involving the police, and being custodians of the law the police are well vested with the law and should not take the law in their own hands. I will conduct a tour to ensure that officers comply with the rules and regulations of the law,” she said.