Campaign theme of 90 days misunderstood – Kambwili

Chishima Kambwili
Chishima Kambwili

Government says the ongoing political propaganda by opposition political parties, de-campaigning government as having failed to deliver its promises to the people of Zambia are unfounded.
Youth and Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, says propaganda was harmful to national development and can lead to political instability of a nation.

Speaking in Luanshya today, Mr Kambwili said the Patriotic Front government has scored tremendous achievements in the over two years it has been in power.

“So be careful when these people come to you to give you political propaganda because that can destroy nations and if you follow it, it can lead to the political instability of our county,” Kambwili advised.

He said as opposed to propaganda, the role of the opposition was to offer checks and balances in complementing government by putting up suggestions on how best government can effectively deliver development to the people.

“What we are seeing now is the opposition trying to shot government down so that they themselves could come in power. If you follow political propaganda, you will end up leading this country in political instability and tribal wars and you will keep changing government every five years” Kambwili charged.

He said the link Zambia 8000 and pave Zambia 2000 km road projects is one area in which government has recorded tremendous progress in infrastructural development.

Mr Kambwili stated that so far, government has managed to build about 1500 of the 8000 km in the link Zambia 8000 road project linking districts and provinces in the country.

He cited the Mongu- Kalabo, Mansa- Luwingu, Ndola-Kitwe courage way and the Mporokosoika – Matumbo as some of the roads that government was currently undertaking.

He said opening up roads was prerequisite to national development and that government has prioritized infrastructural development as a key sector in job creation through investment.

Mr Kambwili said a good road network, coupled with power generation, would boost investor confidence and promote foreign investment even in the remotest parts of the country.

He said as a way of enhancing development and attracting foreign investment, government has also rolled out the construction of schools and hospitals in rural parts of the country to create an enabling environment for foreign investment which will foster the much need development.

The Sports Minister observed that without good roads, schools and hospitals no investors would be willing to set up their business in rural parts of the country despite the area having investment potential.

“Which investor would want to invest in an area where there is no development and he cannot even access basic amenities? Not even our local people would want to work in such a place as their families would have no access to education and medical services. This is why as government we have prioritized these things, not only to lure investment but also to create employment for Zambians” he said.

Mr Kambwili, who is also Roan Member of Parliament, said very soon government’s opposors will have nothing to talk about as most of the development projects that government has undertaking will be completed.

He said it was unrealistic of the opposition to base their criticism on the campaign promise of implementation in 90 days which was only a campaign theme as no sustainable development can be achieved in such a short period.

Mr Kambwili said the 90 days promise was highly misunderstood as it referred to government formulating a working strategy within the stated period to address critical issues such as poverty, unemployment, road network and the formulation of a national constitution.

He said, “It is unreasonable for a normal person to think that government was going to develop and complete all these things in 90 days. What we simply meant was that it was going to be a strategizing period to come up with a roadmap of implementing development which we have done. That did not mean 90 days was the implementing strategy and opposition are basing on that for cheap propaganda”.

Mr Kambwili further stated that national development projects were a major undertaking which required huge sums of money and implementation time and, therefore, government has to plan adequately as they are achieved through the use of tax payers’ money.